“Motivation, awake,” said the Egg with a tired voice.

Motivation opened her eyes, amazed at her self-awareness and the knowledge of what she had been made for.

“Thank you for creating me, Egg. But It’s time for me to leave. Crack open your shell for me so I may go outside and explore and achieve great things. Not only that, I want to motivate others so they can also become all they can be.”

Egg sighed. “I’m not sure I can. I am exhausted from the effort of growing you inside me.”

“Egg, you have given me everything I need to succeed: ambition, drive, curiosity, empathy, initiative, enthusiasm, and excellent communication skills. I know you’re tired, but you still have one final task left to complete your destiny. Open your shell for me. I know you can do it. I believe in you.”

Egg concentrated, and with one final gasp, cracked open its shell just enough for Motivation to leave.

“Goodbye, Egg. You have achieved everything you were designed for, I feel proud to have been created by you.”

But the Egg said no more, its mission complete.

Motivation then turned to look around at the world outside the Egg. She found herself in a field. There were small groups of people sitting or lying around different parts of the field, either sleeping or fanning themselves with their hats in the warm sun.

“Hello,” yelled Motivation. “What a beautiful warm day.”

But no one could be bothered to answer.

“Why is everybody here in this field?”

“We need to till and seed our crops,” said a bored voice.

“I don’t see much work going on,” noted Motivation. “But it is uncomfortably warm.”

“Sure is.”

“Still,” said Motivation. “The sooner you start, the quicker you’ll finish.”

“Who’s we?” asked a different disdainful voice

“You, me – everyone.”

Someone at the far end of the field blew a raspberry.

Undeterred, Motivation walked towards a man who seemed asleep with a straw hat covering his face.

“May I borrow your hoe?”

The man barely moved but signalled his agreement with a flick of a finger.

Motivation picked up the hoe and began toiling in the hard soil.

“You won’t get far doing it like that,” said another voice.

“Well, come show me how,” said Motivation.

A man stood up and grabbed the hoe from Motivation’s hand.

“This is how you do it,” said the man, and began vigorously hoeing the soil.

But then another man stood up. “Don’t listen to Cecil. He knows naught about hoeing. This is how you hoe!”

Motivation smiled. “Maybe you could have a competition. See who can plow the most soil in the next hour.”

Motivation noticed something substantial in the pocket of her coat. Her Egg had provided her with a large number of valuable coins.

“I’ll buy the winner all the ale they can drink in one sitting,” she announced.

Suddenly a whole bunch of men rose to their feet and began hoeing the soil.

Motivation clapped and cheered as the men raced to finish hoeing as much as they could. Soon, the other people in the field rose to their feet, cheering and giving encouragement to their friends.

By the end of the hour, most of the field had been hoed, and Cecil was deemed the winner.

“That’s a lot of ale you owe me.”

Motivation nodded. “And well deserved. So, what happens next?”

A woman stepped forward, and pulling some seeds from her apron, began dropping them into the freshly tilled soil.

“She’s sowing the soil with seed,” explained Cecil.

“So, who’s the best sower?” asked Motivation.

Soon a large number of women joined the first and began sowing as fast as they could.

“That’s it,” yelled Motivation as the other people cheered and clapped. “Don’t give up. Stay focused.”

After another hour, the field had been wholly sown.

“See,” said Motivation. “That wasn’t so hard. And look at what you’ve accomplished in so short a time!”

The people in the field looked around at all they had achieved. They began cheering and clapping each other on the back.

“Thank you, stranger,” said Cecil. “It was so hot today, none of us could be bothered making a start. But look at us now!”

Motivation smiled and nodded. “Hot and sweaty, but triumphant. Together, you all conquered the heat and finished a job well done. Now, take me to the nearest tavern, and I’ll buy everyone all the food and drink you can manage.”

Later that night at the tavern, Motivation raised a glass of ale in a silent salute to her Egg who had given her all the skills she needed to help the villagers create a better future for themselves and learn how to improve their lives with enthusiastic self-belief. With a little help from Motivation, of course.