What do adult learners and their teachers believe is the impact of fun and enjoyment on their learning?
Most of adult learners said that fun and enjoyment did impact on their learning.

Having fun and enjoying the experience meant that adult learners were not bored and were more likely to pay attention. Being able to concentrate was also identified by other adult learners as a learning outcome from experiencing fun and enjoyment.

Having fun was a strong motivator for most adult learners and impacted on their learning outcomes. This reflected the interest mentioned earlier but also the removal of stress as learners wanted to be in the class and expressed more confidence in their learning.

Fun experiences were seen as a great way to help learners to associate with the content to be learnt, to encode it and to
retain the learning.

Also fun has a social aspect, experiencing fun and enjoyment meant that many learners built relationships and friendships that may have been lacking in their lives outside the classroom. This sense of belonging and connection was also a motivator to participate and to take new ideas on board.

One teacher said that experiencing fun and enjoyment “encourages them to take that from here and into their own lives as well”.

By: D Lucardie