Communicating with Clarity and Impact

This high energy one day program is designed to focus on the foundation communication skills: listening, asking insightful questions, and recognizing the power non-verbal communication.

Participants will learn how to build rapport using simple NLP techniques such as pacing and leading which can translate into positive results.

Overview: An Introduction to the Basics

Participants will learn how to combine voice tone, body language with language that engages others. Using a four-point communications model, participant will be able to communicate their messages more clearly, confidently and effectively.

Course objectives:

  • Communicate clearly, confidently and assertively.

  • Engage better with other by listening more effectively and asking insightful questions.

  • Use techniques to build better rapport with others.

  • Combine tone of voice, body language with the right language to communicate the intended message more clearly.

  • Use four principles to communicate with impact.

Module 1: How Well Do You Communicate?

  • How well do you communicate?

  • What makes a great communicator?

  • Four basic principles of communication

Module 2 : Use Engaging Language

  • Focus on behavior, not personality

  • ā€œIā€ messages and owning your language

  • Being Specific

Module 3 : Use the Power of Questions

  • Controlling a conversation

  • Different types of questions

  • The questioning funnels

Module 4 : Use Active Listening

  • Evaluate your listening skills

  • Listening and empathy

  • Active listening

  • How to listen better

Module 5 : Use Active Listening

  • Importance of rapport

  • Matching non-verbal communication

  • Importance of body language

Ewelina Chin


Qualified corporate and career coach with passion for creating a professional learning and coaching experience.

Ewelina works with small groups of leaders, managers and self-employed people who are focused on their soft skills self-development and reaching their full potential.